We are looking after both the Users & Data...

Tango is built around the 4-s principles of Safety, Speed, Simplicity and Security. We are not making any compromises when it comes to your health and safety or your privacy and data security.

COVID-19 relief

To support you and your business, we are offering Tango® core service free of charge indefinitely and pause billing for add-on services with as little as a simple phone call if you experience closure or financial hardship

Core Features

The basic Customer Tracing System (CTS) is free for small business... No strings attached, no ads, no nonsense, we are providing it without charge to fight COVID-19 and help our local businesses. For large venues and multiple locations please contact our team.
Health and Safety
No Apps to Install
Ease of Use
Minimal Employee Involvement
Data Security
Regulatory Compliance
Proudly Australian

Add-on Features (additional services to customize your complimentary core CTS)

Monthly Subscription Fee
Low-fee services, no setup costs, no lock-in contracts
Starter Suite
Advance Suite
Custom Suite
Simple Terms & Conditions
COVID-19 Financial Protection
Local Support & Service


How to on-board with Tango?
Call/txt us (0410 881 756) or send a request to our team ([email protected]) or fill out the form here.
How long does it take to activate service?
How much does it cost?
How secure is it?
Can data be removed?
What are the COVID-19 regulations or guidelines?
How do customers use Tango?
How does CTS work?


Please see below for our standard matrix pricing:

Core CTS

$0* /Month

  • COVID-19 Regulatory Compliance
  • Unlimited User Registration
  • Easy to Use
  • No Apps to Install
  • 100% Contact-less
  • Data Encryption

Starter Suite

$25 /Month

  • Entry level add-on features
  • All Core CTS Features
  • Customized Graphical Interface
  • Same-day On-boarding
  • COVID-19 Financial Protection
  • Text Based Digital Menus

Advance Suite

$50 /Month

  • Advance features/beyond COVID
  • All Starter Suite Features
  • Table Specific Contact Tracing
  • Special On-boarding Features
  • Live Menus (Graphical Interface)
  • Same-day Local Support
For our Custom Suite of products featuring many post COVID essentials for hospitality industry please contact us.

Features include:
  • Live Menu Update: Instantly adapt your menu to market buy
  • Virtual Queue: Manage walk-ins with off premise waiting
  • Website Services: Seamlessly integrate your web with CTS
  • Order Mate: Contact-less table to kitchen food ordering
  • Book Mate: Automatic booking system
  • Business App: Design and development feature specific apps
"YOU IMAGINE IT, we’ll build it..."
We’ll go to great lengths to ensure your vision is realised.
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Register Your Venue

You can register your business here to receive the welcome pack for the core CTS (our complimentary Customer Tracing System).

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ASIQ will solely and explicitly maintain the CTS database as outlined by Australian government guidelines for COVID-19 tracing in "Record keeping for contact tracing for business" (https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/record-keeping-contact-tracing-covid-19).

Our database will not be accessed or used for any marketing or business purposes by ASIQ or any other partner businesses. We also acknowledge that dealing with customer data requires the highest levels of security and we have the following measures in place to safeguard the trust placed upon us:


We use Secure Sockets Layer encryption (SSL) on both ends providing the highest levels of data transmission security.

Up-to-Date Software

All ASIQ platforms are maintained up-to-date by our local team of experts based in Melbourne AU.

Regular Backup

All backups are stored on remote secure servers.

Host Security

Our partner hosting company is one of the most reputable and well trusted industry leaders with a wealth of experience in web security.

Expert Security Team

Our technical team with years of experience in web security are on standby to support your business.

Contentious Scan for Vulnerabilities

Our technical team with years of experience in performing web security, monitoring for malicious web activity and  website  audits are on standby to support your business.

Online Solutions

Providing a wide range of services to suit your needs regardless of your business size.


Cutting-edge solutions for opportunities and challenges that you face today and will discover in the future...

IT Management

Next gen approach to manage your existing infrastructure and maintenance plans for new clients.

App Development

Bring your ideas to life and enjoy the benefits of speed and ubiquity.